I started The Box Presents with the intention of supporting artists, building community and using the arts to give back. If you would like to collaborate in some way, or are interested in getting involved, I would love to hear from you!



I worked in music and festivals in the non-profit world in Northern California (and nationally) for a number of years before moving to L.A. and getting involved in L.A.'s music scene. One festival I worked on grew from 400 people when I started assisting to 6,000 people by the time I was coordinating the whole thing. 

Upon moving to Los Angeles, I reconnected with some childhood friends who were pursuing entertainment careers as musicians and/or actors, and became friends with other artists as well. I was continually frustrated by the way artists were being treated, by the preferential treatment some artists seemed to receive at venues while other, arguably more talented artists, were left knocking on the proverbial door with no hope in sight. I was frustrated by the amount of brilliant filmmakers unable to figure out how to get any support for their projects.

I also became frustrated by the amount of money spent on marketing unexciting art (music, movies, TV shows, etc.), while talented artists with fresh voices were surviving on top ramen and sleeping in their cars. I became frustrated by the amount of money brands spend on marketing and other things while there is a national homeless crisis that includes 1.8 million homeless youth, while human trafficking still exists, while people commit suicide because they don't have access to proper care and there are unhealthy stigmas relating to getting help for mental illnesses (like depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addiction, etc.). 

The more involved I became in both the entertainment world and marketing for various brands, the more frustrated I became by the way things were run. I decided I wanted to do something about it.

What Is The Box Presents and What Do You Do?

The Box Presents exists as both a creative collective and production company. We produce events that support a wide berth of creative endeavors, including: music, film, comedy, art and fashion. Through our collective, we also have the ability to help produce music, films and more. We allow brands to partner with us and provide unique opportunities to connect with our artists and audience, while maintaining the integrity of the art and community.

Under the umbrella of The Box Presents, we regularly produce, curate and promote a series of showcases via ROVE.

Additionally, we run a series of exclusive pop up events around Los Angeles that focus on music, film, comedy and/or art. You can sign up to receive notifications about upcoming events here. Not all who RSVP will be selected to attend. 

When I'm not running The Box Presents (or consulting/freelancing around the U.S.), you can find me hiking, reading a book in a park, or supporting friends at shows, screenings, gallery openings, events, etc.

I also have a band and write poetry!